Fibre-To-Home Installed In Sweden

Fibre Optic
(image credit: fibre optics)

Super Highspeed internet access up to 40Gbps installed for residential use. But wait it just a super demonstration to attract internet operators to invest in faster connections. The lucky home which now known as world`s first home connected to fibre infrastructure is the Sigbritt Löthberg’s home. Who is Sigbrit? she is the mother of Swedish internet legend Peter Löthberg who in charge in the connection arrangement.

“I want to show that there are other methods than the old fashioned ways such as copper wires and radio, which lack the possibilities that fibre has,” said Peter Löthberg, who now works at Cisco, as reported by

For easy imagination, 40Gbps mean she will be able to download a full HD DVD in just 2 seconds.

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