Breaking Digipass PRO 260

Digipass 260 Key BCA

Digipass system gaining popularity in the internet banking era. Manufactured by VASCO, Digipass is adopted by major Indonesian bank companies include Bank Mandiri and Bank Central Asia (BCA). Available in two options Digipass Pro 250 and Digipass Pro 260, both offers one time password depend on users input (usually combination of bank account number). Adopting the system, users required to input secure password every time they do internet banking transaction to avoid illegal transactions. The secure password is generated by the Digipass based on some digit number inputted by the users.

The system works similar to credit card generator but it should be more simple as credit card process 16 digit number but Digipass only generate password based on 6-8 digit. So breaking the Digipass should be easier than generate valid credit card number.

Digipass 260 Key BCA

Digipass 260

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