Asus ROG Blitz Extreme MOBO For Gamer Enthusiast

Asus ROG Blitz Extreme motherboard

Games, gaming, gamers has special requirement to get maximum experiences. And that why many manufacturer has special products for gamers. Asus is just one of them, now they introduced a ROG Blitz extreme motherboards to offers super power for real gamers addicts. The Blitz Extreme come with new feature called Crosslinx which believed to deliver higher performance as it reduced graphics data bottleneck.

The new Blitz Extreme is also comes with H2O Fusion Block System to push the temperature down to earth. And the main part that will make gamers happier are list of great features such as Intel “Beralake” P35/ICH9R chipset, quad core processor support, DDR3 dual channel memory, SupermeFX II, ATI’s CrossFire, EL I/O, LCD Poster, and Q-Fan Plus.

[via pclaunches] – Product Page

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