New ASUS PG221 Monitor For Gamers Enthusiast

Asus PG221 Woofing Monitor

ASUS, the top leading of motherboard manufacturer, has been diversify its products line for quite sometime. Now they come with ASUS PG221 monitor for gamers enthusiasts. The monitor boasts 22-inch widescreen LCD (with 170° vertical and 160° horizontal viewing angle), 15 watt subwoofer, 2x 10 watt speakers, 1.3 megapixel camera (rotatable), USB ports, mic/headphone jacks, and VGA/DVI inputs.

The monitor comes with intuitive, touch sensitive, as well as easy access buttons right in the front side of the monitor. Other specifications include: 1680×1050 native resolutions, 2ms response time (grey-to-grey), 350cd/m² brightness, and 2001:1 contrast ratio. The pricing and availability in retail stores still need to be confirmed. [via ohgizmo]

Asus PG221 Woofing Monitor

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