Now Developing Google Gadgets Become Serious Source of Incomes

Google is such a kind of Good Giant that always watching its communities. Now they build a Google Venture program to give an incentive ($5000 or $100,000) for Google Gadgets developers.

Sep Kamvar, Google Engineering Lead for Personalization, said “AdSense allowed lots of people to quit their jobs and make money from it. We want to make the same economic ecosystem for gadget developers. Our main goal here is to bootstrap an ecosystem where lots of gadget developers can spend time doing what they love, doing great things with their gadgets and make money from them.”

From Google Venture‘s page, $5,000 will give to those whose gadgets get more than 250,000 weekly page views (it is called Grant recepients). And $100,000 will give to any Grant recipients that want to build a business around the Google gadgets platform.

[via searchengineland] – Google Blog

Al Hilal:
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