iPod Docking from Sharp: DK-A10H and DK-A1H

Sharp DK-A10H and DK-A1H
(Image: Sharp DK-A10H and DK-A1H; Credit: techdigest.tv)

Why sharp join iPod docking race? yea we know iPod means more than 100 million market, everyone know there are plenty rooms to target this big market. So what they bring? DK-A10H and DK-A1H docking stereo system. Feature lists: Radio tuner (AM/FM), integrated CD player (DK-A10H only), 2 way bass, subwoofers, Sharp own DSP technology to deliver more quality sound, equaliser, clock with alarm, and remote control. User also able to charge their iPod whilst docked. Both system will be available this month with price set at $394.44 & 295.83 respectively. [via techdigest]