Asus G1S and G2S to Adopt Santa Rosa

New gaming notebook will be delivered by Asus: G1S and G2S. Both laptop will be powered by 2.2 GHz of Intel Santa Rosa Core 2 Duo Processors.

Designed for gaming tasks, the G1S boasts 15.4-inch widescree (support up to 1680×1080 resolution) and the G2S adopted 17-inch widescreen (up to 1920×1200 resolution). The high resolutions is achieved cause the powerful DirectX 10 ready graphic card: nVidia GeForce 8600M (256MB of ram). Other key features include: 160GB hard drive, 2GB memory, and Wireless connection.

Both will hit europe first with €1700 and €1900 pricetags. [via engadget]

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