New Toshiba Portable DVD Player

Toshiba recently introduced two new portable DVD players, the SD-P1900 and the SD-P1707. Both players share the same features such as 480 x 234 screen resolution, 150:1 contrast ratio, and input/output connectivity for another Audio Video equipment. The players can play DivX, MP3, and WMA format, they also have image viewer which support JPEG format to complete your multimedia experience.

The difference between the two is the screen size and the battery life, which the SD-P1900 has 9″ widescreen LCD panel and 5 hours battery life but the SD-P1707 which is smaller equipped with 7″ widescreen LCD panel and 3 hours battery life.


Beside these two products, Toshiba released other DVD players range from recorder, combos, to standalone player. [via pocket-lint]

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