[CeBIT] New Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC

Samsung has introduced the Q1 Ultra UMPC during CeBIT Expo. The Q1 Ultra has 7″ LCD display, QWERTY keyboard, and built-in fingerprint sensor. As a enhancement of its successor “Q1”, the Q1 Ultra comes with new Intel’s McCaslin platform which has low-voltage.

Its Another main features include 1 GB of ram, 60 GB of disk storage and various network connectivity like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, WiBRO and Standard Ethernet LAN. To accommodate multimedia’s need the Q1 Ultra also equipped with low resolution webcam and high-resolution built-in digital camera.


According to a trusted source, the Q1 Ultra will hit the market in May and the price set between $900 and $1300. [via gadget candy]