Three Huge New Tech Trends in Online Mobile Gaming

As anyone with a smartphone and a taste for gambling will tell you, the UK’s online casino sector is booming right now. Hundreds of apps and sites now compete for the attention of gamblers, and this is putting them under huge pressure to innovate.

Simply offering the biggest welcome bonus doesn’t cut it these days. To really stand out and attract customer, mobile casinos need to use their ingenuity to innovate and offer experiences that are genuinely fresh, and make sure to offer the players what they want. At you get some insight on what you as a player should keep your eye on when it comes down to online gambling.

Here are just a few incredible ways the sector is using technology to make the experience of online gambling more satisfying than ever.

3D Slots: adding a new dimension to gambling

As the online casino market has become more congested, providers have sought to make the slots they offer more like video games, and less like the fruit machines seen in real world casinos. If a new online casino wants to succeed, the slots it offers have to be the most exciting around.

Right now, 3D slots have taken centre stage, displacing colourful but limited 2D predecessors. These 3D games utilise the processing power of high-end smartphones, delivering immersive environments for their main games and bonus rounds, bringing in things like cinema cut scenes to add atmosphere.

Blockchain – revolutionise online gambling, or maybe not.

At the same time blockchain is now promising to disrupt the entire online casino industry. A few sites have appeared in recent months, and more are sure to pop-up in the close future. The question is if the public really trust Blockchain technology in the casino yet. My gut feeling is that it will take a few more years before it’s a real contender.

Can VR make smartphone gambling even more realistic?

As more people own VR headsets that can be used with their smartphones, expect to see new ways to virtually participate in all kinds of casino games.

It’s already happening in some cases, sites which lets you play via an animated avatar. The graphics may still seem a little crudeon most site, but the power required to translate your movements into visuals is immense.

The fascinating question for gamblers is what kind of tell avatars will have compared with real world players? The flick of a finger or slight head movements could make all the difference.

In any case, things are moving fast in the online casino world, more and more people. Expect some exciting new developments in gambling gadgetry over the next few years.