How to choose the best spy glasses?

Spy glasses is a high-tech and powerful spy gadgets, it’s widely used in movies , business, even in our daily life. Different from the general spy devices it support you a close first view and hands free. Different from the general spy devices it supports you a close first view and hands free.

Nowadays, glasses camera is becoming more and more popular , even Google is promoting the Google glass. Since there are so many spy camera glasses, I think it’s necessary to know how to choose the best one available for us.


The advantages of spy camera Glasses

  • View. You can get a very close first person view with the spycam glasses. Easy to get a clear shot of anything in front of you or capture what’s happening on stages, meeting and so on without worry if you have got the right angle.
  • Lightly. With the spy glasses you don’t need to carry any other heavy equipment when you’re traveling, you can simply to record anytime or anywhere.
  • Covertly. It’s covertly and you don’t need to worry of causing any suspect when you recording in public.
  • Hands free. You don’t need to hold anything when you using the spy glasses, all of you need to do is focus on what you hope to record.

Mainly usage of the spy glasses

  • The Family vacations
  • Covert surveillance
  • Sports enthusiasts
  • Motorcycling
  • Running/Hiking
  • Concerts
  • Meetings and Lectures

What you need to notice when buying spycam glasses

  • Recording. Part of spy glasses only support video recorder but not audio. So you need to be careful with the specification before buying.
  • DVR. Part of glasses need a DVR to work. So you need to have wires running down your back to the mini DVR and dress a certain way to covert the wires.
  • Camera location. Most of spycam glasses hidden the camera in the middle, but also some others located the camera on the side.

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