Cellular Line CRAB Tablet Car Mount, Just Nice!

I bought Cellular Line CRAB Tablet Car Mount to boost my driving experience to the next level. This table car mount has Nice design. Stays in place and does not shake or vibrate on the dash of my Yaris hatchback. Both suction cups quite sticky to keep the tablet and holder firmly in place but could have done with another plastic protection cap to the larger base suction cup as well to prevent it picking up dust and debris when stored away.

tablet-car-mount-close-trendy-gadgetI have used this poduct for 6 months and I’m happy with it. Only downside is the ball swivel joint not firm enough and drops down slightly to keep the preferred angle of view. This lovely accesory allows me to position my tablet in either landscape or protrait modes and either on my cars windscreen or the dashboard. I can say that this tablet car mount is one of my favorite iPad Mini accessories.

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