Nintendo 3DS XL has 90% Larger Display


Nintendo believes that a larger screen will give more fun for gamers. And that’s why they plan to sell the larger version of Nintendo 3DS on Augustus 19 this year, the same day as New Super Mario Bros. 2. The larger version called Nintendo 3DS XL has 90% larger display and will be available in Red and Blue.

Featuring a new system, the Nintendo 3DS XL comes bundled with a 4 GB SD card for storing extra content such as downloadable games and videos from the Nintendo eShop. You may wonder how much Nintendo will sell the device, don’t worry you won’t find much different compared to the standard version, it’s only $199.99.

“No other hand-held entertainment experience compares to the fun of Nintendo 3DS,” said Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime. “With the launch of Nintendo 3DS XL on Aug. 19, consumers will be able to enjoy the great lineup of current and upcoming games on an even grander scale. Plus, Nintendo 3DS XL gives owners even more real estate on their screens to enjoy entertainment applications like Nintendo Video and Netflix.”