Top 5 Trivia Game Apps for iPhones

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

1. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

It might not be quite the same without Chris Tarrant and his tension-building advert breaks but the iPhone app for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire can be even more fun than the TV program. Even without a real million pound target, trying to go all the way with just your three lifelines – 50:50, phone a friend or ask the audience – and your general knowledge is as exciting as the real thing. The app costs 69p but with hundreds of different questions, you can test your knowledge over and over again. [iTunues link]

Trivial Pursuit

2. Trivial Pursuit

Take a trip down memory lane with the classic trivia game, trivial pursuit. The app made by EA includes thousands of images and text based questions meaning you can play hundreds of times without getting the same questions and when you do, you can then buy more packs (which are reasonably priced unlike many in-game purchases these days) which will feature even more questions to allow you to continue playing. It does allow multiplay either on the same phone or through Wi-Fi and you can play on multiple different modes both old school and new. [iTunes link]

Pub Quiz

3. Pub Quiz

This app cost just £0.69 and has been so popular that it has reached number 2 in paid apps. With one and two player modes it packs in 10,000 questions for endless gameplay and its HD user interface finishes off what has become of the most popular trivia apps in the app store. With varying levels of difficulty and the ability to log your high scores onto the worldwide table, you can see how you fair against not just against your friends but the whole world. [iTunes link]

The Impossible Test

4. The Impossible Test

The impossible test is a trivia game with a difference, not just requiring you to answer questions with increasing difficulty but to figure out solutions for problems and riddles. With 17million downloads around the world and hit the number 1 app spot, The Impossible Test challenges users with a variety of interactive levels and custom graphics to see how far along they can get. With 70 built-in questions and challenges, it can be expanded further through an in-game purchase of a question pack. It even has a custom soundtrack but does have the option to listen to your own music on your iPod or iPhone whilst playing. [iTunes link]

Bullseye - Official Gameshow

5. Bullseye – Official Gameshow

A fantastic recreation of the old darts and quiz, game show, the Bullseye game Features all of the original TV show rounds, letting users test their ability on the Categories board, battle against other players (either friends or computer-generated) on Pounds for Points, and even feel what it’s like to win wonderful prizes from the original games how on the famous Bully Prize Board. It comes with 1000 different questions and with 6 different characters to choose from, you and your friends can play for hours and win all kinds of virtual prizes from speedboats to holidays! [iTunes link]

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