Ascom Care Phone, What is It?

Ascom Care Phone base unit and transmitter

The Ascom Care Phones offers a secure line of communication with the outside world for home bound individuals. It includes a wireless pendant (Class I approved) that can be worn around the neck/on the body within the home or close neighbourhood and a base unit. To secure this wireless connection, a link test option tests the connection between wireless pendent and the base unit on a regular basis. The patented dual-frequency function from a pendent ensures that alarm signals are received. If the alarm is sent and not received successfully, the wireless transmitter will send it again using another frequency until it is received. The care phones are in contact with a central receiver via an analogue and/or GSM network. Incoming alarms can be sent via the alarm receiver to mobile phones, DECT/Wifi-phones or to a PC with an operator.


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