Mitsubishi L75-A94 LaserVue TV — The World’s Only Laser-powered TV

Mitsubishi L75-A94 LaserVue TV

Along with the WD 92840 3D DLP TV, Mitsubishi also announced itss 75-inch LaserVue, the world’s only laser-powered TV. LaserVue also offers an iOS remote control application, which will be available for free in the iTunes store. The remote app gives consumers wireless control of Mitsubishi TVs with a touch screen interface, allowing them to change basic TV menus, switch TV sources, control multiple TVs in the home, adjust audio and video settings, and more.

Highlights: New Clear Contrast Screen; Built-In Wireless Internet; 4 HDMI inputs; Variable Smooth 120 Hz Film Motion; PerfectColor/PerfecTint; DeepField Imager™; EdgeEnhance; Wired IR Input; ISFccc.