Ah, I Missed This Auction: Patek Philippe ref. 2419 Wristwatch

Patek Philippe ref. 2419 Wristwatch

So sad, I missed the auction of the Patek Philippe ref. 2419 minute repeating wristwatch which’s held on March 10th in New York. The a unique and historically important wristwatch was successfully sold for $710,500, far beyond the estimation which only up to $500,000. And the winning bidder is a chinese, do you know him? Please ask him to sell the watch to me. Sorry, just kidding, I’m not that rich.

Patek Philippe ref. 2419 Wristwatch

Do you know why the wristwatch so valuable? It is offered in pristine condition and features a previously unseen 7mm over-sized winding crown; an extra large repeater slide; and unique dial with an over-sized subsidiary seconds dial. Prior to the discovery of the present watch, there were only five known references for vintage Patek Philippe minute repeating wristwatches. The Patek Philippe ref. 2419 is the only example that features an attractive concave bezel and an oversized crown and repeater hammer. Uhm, what do you think? tell us.


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