mophie juice pack plus for iPhone 4, Rechargeable Battery Case

Available at AT&T stores since January 19, the mophie juice pack plus for iPhone 4 comes with a 2,000 mAh rechargeable battery. Designed especially to make the iPhone 4 has more than double battery life, the juice pack case also offers the complete protection of a soft-touch case and shock-proof band. Of course your iPhone 4 will be larger and fatter, that’s the price you must pay. The juice pack is offered in a variety of colors – black, cyan, magenta, and yellow, all has the same price at $99.95.

So what will you get from the stylish battery case? according to mophie, users will experience: Up to 8 additional hours talk time on 3G, 16 hours 2G; up to 7 additional hours internet use on 3G, 11 hours WiFi; up to 44 hours additional audio playback; up to 11 hours video playback. What else do you want? Here are what you will get too: Acoustic Sound Enhancement, Pass-through USB, Standby/Charging Switch, and 4 Light LED Battery Status Indicator. Last but not least, the embedded electronics has no signal interference with the iPhone 4.

Waht do you think? take it or leave it? $99.95? If you’re like me, you’ll keep your iPhone stay slim and cute. And give it the invisibleSHIELD to protect from scratch.


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