Cellit Widgit for Android – Mobile Marketing App

Cellit Widgit for Android – Mobile Marketing App

In early December of last year, Cellit released its new Widgit mobile coupon redemption technology for Google Android platform. This Android version is the addition to the Windows and iOS version which were released earlier and already available in the Apple App Store. Using this Widgit app, retailers and QSR brand can redeem and track track mobile coupons in real-time directly from any Andorid-based devices, and luckily the POS system integration is not required. But companies with antiquated POS systems, incapable of integrating with Cellit’s API can now simply keep an Android tablet next to the register.

According to David Wachs, President of Cellit, delivering a mobile coupon code (or bar code) is just the first step in building a mobile couponing ecosystem. The next step which is always harder is the validation and redemption. Cellit, which for years developing mobile marketing solution, is excited with the release of its new mobile app for Android that offers simple validation and redemption of mobile coupons for any Android devices including smartphone and the current most popular device – tablet. Available for free in the Android market, the new Widgit Android app also features the Cellit’s mobile loyalty, that allows easy debiting of loyalty points for transaction directly to the customer’s account. As part of the total Cellit Mobile Marketing solution, this app is suitable for roving ticket taker or a mobile sales team.

In the mobile crm / text message crm and couponing industry, Cellit is one of the leading players available in the market. If you want to find a solution for your mobile phone marketing, sms marketing, or text message marketing, you may discuss your needs with them to find the best way to promote your product, brand and services using mobile phone.

I don’t want to tell you that Cellit is the only one player in the industries, there are many choices available. It’s very reasonable because the statistic says that over 3.4 billion text messages have been sent in 2008 worldwide and in 2011 it would be 4.9 trillion. It shows how people love to read text messages and follows communication and shopping through mobile phones. It’s a huge market. But of course, it doesn’t mean spam marketing, as all of us hate spam. In my experience, sms spam is very annoying, it always disturbs my mood and make me angry. And what Cellit and other reputable companies do is far from this type of mobile marketing solution. What do you think?

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