Is Electronic Cigarette Safe?

Today “not all cigarette” will be assumed as a dangerous thing that hazardous to your health, because there is a better option for smokers to use “safe cigarettes” that no longer produce negative aspects like tar, odor smoke, ignition (heat), carbon monoxide, or even up to 4000 types of chemical additives that often found on traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, the new revolutionary cigarettes, will bring you to enjoy the taste and sensation of smoke like a tobacco cigarette and giving a real smoking experience without worry to cause cancerous, cardio vascular disease, and other respiratory diseases.

Electronic cigarettes are designed not only for light or heavy smokers, the cigarettes is safe for everyone. Electronic cigarette or electric cigarette run with cartridges that contain many variations strengths of cigarettes depend on your chosen. There are available taste from menthol and non-menthol.

The most beneficial thing is the electronic cigarette does not produce smoke on its use. So it does not disturb other people’s privacy and safe for other nearby smokers. Therefore, smoking by e-cig is not included on smoking ban area, so you can smoke in everywhere.

Thing that you do not realize from the traditional smoke is so much money has burned just for cigarette. At least smokers spend upwards of $ 1000 on cigarettes each year. If you switch to using electronic cigarettes, at least you spent is about $ 2.50 per pack than tobacco cigarettes.

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