GE Monogram 30-inch Refrigerator

GE plans to include isobutane in a new GE Monogram®-brand 30-inch refrigerator currently in development for introduction in early 2011. The GE Monogram refrigerator will use cyclopentane, another hydrocarbon, as the insulation foam-blowing agent to replace commonly used HFC foam-blowing agents.

In addition to a lower greenhouse gas refrigerant, the new GE 30” Monogram refrigerator will feature:

  • A fully integrated design that can be installed in inset cabinets and disappear behind the cabinetry.
  • Three compartments, a fresh-food compartment, with a self-closing vegetable bin, an ice drawer, and a second drawer that converts its function to fit the needs of the consumer.
  • LED lighting throughout with transition lighting that comes up gradually as the door opens.
  • Two separate sealed refrigeration systems, which allow the fresh food section to better hold humidity and eliminate odor transfer as there is no sharing of air with the freezer and refrigerator compartments.
  • A 30-inch width. It can be installed at 80 or 84 inches high. It will be available with a stainless steel panel kit with tubular handles, or pro-styled handles, or it can take a custom panel. The 80-inch door is also reversible.


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