Suite of COPIA E-Readers: OCEAN and TIDAL [CES 2010]


Aimed to deliver social reading experience, DMC Worldwide introduced suite of COPIA E-Readers: OCEAN and TIDAL. The devices will be available in monochrome and advanced color e-paper-based touchscreens and panels with robust Wi-Fi or 3G wireless connectivity that allow users to connect with the COPIA community to discover, enjoy, share and purchase digital content including books, newspapers and magazines. The COPIA e-readers will be available for purchase online in April 2010 and at retail by June 2010 with prices ranging from $199- $299 (MSRP).

“The COPIA platform – including the online community, e-commerce engine and broad suite of devices – were designed to satisfy consumers’ ferocious appetite for content consumption, as well as a shared experience,” said Ben Lowinger, EVP, DMC Worldwide. “The devices match perfectly to the experience of reading a book, magazine or newspaper, and both and COPIA e-readers offer a compelling online and hardware platform to deliver entertainment content through an experience which creates communities, drives commerce and fosters collaboration.”