Light Touch Turns Any Surface Into Touch Screen [CES 2010]

Light Blue Optics Unveils Light Touch

Can we say that the Light Touch is more important than Nexus One? Maybe yes maybe not. But I bet its technology should be rewarded as one of the most important innovation this decade. Let see what it can do, it turns any flat surface into a 10″ touch screen. Using an infra-red touch sensing system, the Light Touch powered by holographic laser projection technology (HLP™) owned by Light Blue Optics (LBO). It runs Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 and equipped with 2GB of onboard Flash memory and has a Micro SD card slot. And last but not least it also supports both WiFi and Bluetooth.


Light Blue Optics’ CEO, Chris Harris said “At LBO, we believe that today’s consumer is no longer a passive viewer of multimedia content. People expect to engage, interact and share content and our first product enables them to do that in new and exciting ways. The opportunities for Light Touch™ extend beyond consumer electronics into retail spaces, the workplace and the home – profoundly changing the way people interact with multimedia content and the built environment. By enabling such diverse and compelling use cases, LBO aims to become the world’s leading supplier of miniature projection systems.”


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