Smartphones + Notebook = Smartbook [CES 2010]

freescale smartbook

Trying to merge the best of smartphone and notebook, Freescale will show you a tablet reference design called ‘Smartbook‘ featuring a 7-inch touch screen at CES 2010 later this week. The smartbook is designed to offer persistent connectivity and all-day battery life that common for smartphone, and supports common online activities including social media, high-quality audio/video playback and light gaming just like what a notebook should do. Running both the Android and Linux, the Freescale’s smartbook incorportes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, and also features a 3D desktop framework with touch screen/QWERTY keyboard support. 3G modem and RF4CE protocol options are available. Regarding application, it will have a web browser with Adobe® Flash® Player and multimedia plug-ins, a media center, PDF and image viewers, a mail client, an RSS reader, an office suite, handwriting utilities and various widgets for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Weather SMS and other applications.



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