More Questions About Web Hosting


After reading my last article about web hosting, someone sent me an email asking some related question. He just realized that the web hosting he rents for his blog is a shared hosting, and that’s why the provider sometimes warns its visitor that “the website you’re visiting is currently busy, please try again later”. That’s a common warning for shared-hosting because the resource is limited, so when the visitor of the web site continue climbing and start hitting the limit then the server automatically deactivate the web site and replace it with a warning message.

Facing that issue, he wants to upgrade his website hosting package to VPS hosting instead of dedicated hosting because it’s more cost effective. But before doing the upgrade he’s still afraid whether the migration process will affect its search engine ranking or not, and whether Google needs to re-crawl the new website or not. The answer is no, as long as you don’t change the domain name and keep the migration process runs smoothly without long down time, it won’t affect its search engine ranking.

And he had second question about how difficult to run VPS hosting, he asked me whether it needs networking and programming skill to make his website/blog goes live from a VPS hosting. The answer is not always, todays we can find a fully managed VPS hosting package that offers control panel or “back end” administrative tools used to manage many of the features and operations of a server including accounts, services, upgrades and software. You can read the web hosting guide to learn more about it.

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