New Desktop Trackballs from


I’ve never used a trackball as my pointing device, but I use mouse instead. Looking the new trackballs from, make me want to try it. It’s mentioned to have a number of distinct advantages over mice such as need less desk space and never requires repositioning. And the three new trackballs just added to (QTronix R-15 Trackball, Kensington Slimblade Trackball, and CST LaserTRAC Trackball) offer state of the art pointing device performance.

“All three new trackballs represent state of the art input device technology,” notes Barry. “Trackball development has been neglected for the last few years and we are very happy to see new, higher performance models again being introduced. These new trackballs offer very different approaches to user ergonomics. We think that is just great – we carry them all so users with different preferences can choose from the widest possible selection of devices.”