Glasses-Free 3D Display by 3DFusion

3dfusion Glasses Free 3D Display

The new stereoscopic Glasses Free and Broadcast Ready 3D display platform called 3DFMax is proudly to take an action at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas tomorrow. Developed by 3DFusion (3DF), this platform is built upon the Philips 3D Solutions, 2D Plus Depth format. 3DFusion to market 3D solution into 3 products including the 3DFusion 3D Digital Signage, multi panel Kiosk for AOOH Ad Nets, and the 3DF turnkey “3D in a Box” platform for all non-network applications.

The 3DFusion Digital Signage Ad Net Kiosk and Turnkey platforms are 100 percent compatible with existing Ad Net installations, performing within conventional 2D specification guidelines. The 3DFusion platform seamlessly replaces 2D systems without additional bandwidth or installation requirements, and it automatically operates as either a 2D or 3D Display.


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