Korean MMORPG ‘4 Story’ Going for a Strategic War!


The latest news about Korean online games bring new exciting info for the rest of us. Based on user’s feddback, Zemi Interactive has enhanced its own MMORPG online game, ‘4 Story’. Read the press release below:

MMORPG ‘4 Story’, we are going for a strategic war!

Zemi Interactive(President Kim Geun-Chul) has been providing its own MMORPG online game, ‘4 Story’, via its international website(http://global.4story.com) to global users.

There had been feedbacks by users saying that many of the 4 Story’s features are similar to WOW. However 4 Story developers have persistently made progress. Of course, being compared to WOW did some good to 4 Story. WOW could help users better understand 4 Story. As for the differences between WOW and 4 Story, users can learn them by playing 4 Story. Moreover RSCS(Real-time Strategic Command System) or a game system such as regional battles could be only understood by actual players.

Regional battles are fought by two groups every hour that try to conquer a certain piece of land. Users could purchase and utilize variety of items from their nations. Quest NPC is also limited to a region therefore the number of Quest that a user could enjoy really depends on how many regions a nation owns. Battles are similar to MMORPG battles and there is no restriction for users to participate.

RSCS is another excitement that is a decisive factor to battles’ outcome. Regional battles are also called as a ‘Great war between nations.’ RSCS requires a good strategy and leadership of a leader.

During a battle, a leader could give an order to team members by pushing a shift key and clicking a troop on the mini map. That will show on each members’ screen.

This function could be easily used by beginners. However advance users could help those who are not familiar with it by showing Quest items on their maps. And even if a party moves to other places while a party player takes a break, a party leader could click the map to show their recent location to a player who is are left behind.

4 Story’s unique battle system is like a well woven novel. 4 Story novels have been published in Korea which is the first place to service 4 Story. These novels have a great influence on the game’s progress.

Recently the amount of contents of 4 Story’s international version is 6 out of 14 maps. Quest would increase from 1,000 to 3,000 after the development. The existing systems would be provided the same.

International version of the client download ‘4 Story’ and more information can be found on international website of 4 Story. (http://global.4story.com) Users could also download client from Korea Software Promotion Agency’s global service platform, www.gamengame.com.

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