iRiver E100 MP3 Player Reviews at RegHardware

iRiver E100 MP3 player

The iRiver has successfully built its reputation in PMP market. And what i want to mention now is the iRiver E100. Measuring 9.3 x 4.8 x 1.1cm, this player weighs only 59gr. Regarding supported file, the E100 can play various audio format including MP3, ASF, Ogg, Flac and WMA; WMV and Xvid AVI on the video.

Not a bad box of tricks performance wise, and blessed with better-than-average file support and Micro SD storage expansion. But you really have to not mind your media being presented to you in two separate chunks. It’s bad enough if you’re using a 2 or 4 GB memory card, but imagine using a 16GB one? You’d have two-thirds of the player’s musical content only accessible through a basic Directory menu. No thanks.

iRiver E100 MP3 player


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