Carrot Ink, Affordable Solution for Digital Printing

carrot ink

Sometimes I wonder why the price of inkjet cartridge is almost the same as the printer itself. The facts that we can buy a new printer with the costs of 2 or 3 inkjet cartridge, just look like a nonsense. And this problem triggering people to do business to offer better options including John and Amy Howard who founded Carrot Ink.

Founded ten years ago, Carrot Ink has a brilliant concept that stated: “inkjet cartridges should be far cheaper than the printer itself.” As a consumer, I like the idea, and I think most of you are in my side. The Carrot ink sells 30-70% less than the price of products which made by the printer manufacturer, but it’s still believed producing the same quality as the original one.

Comes with “Low Prices, High Quality, Fast Delivery” motto, the Carrot ink meets the ISO 9001 standard manufacturing. And they offers various ink cartridges that compatible with most of major printers brand including Apple, Apollo, Brother, Canon, Compaq, Dell, Epson, HP, Kodak, Lexmark, Pitney Bowes, Samsung, and Xerox. In case of Canon ink cartridges, they offers up to 60% saving, the same condition also applied to other brand including Epson ink. I don’t what printer you are using, but I’m sure that must be one of them.

The Carrot ink also offers special discount for corporate customer who order more than $250, another discount also applied for educational customer. Please visit for more details.

On its website you can order the products online, but you need to create personal or corporate account first before placing an order. And interestingly you can track your order too.

Beside Inkjet Cartridge, Carrot Ink also offers other printing related products including Laser Toner Cartridge, Thermal Fax Film, Refill Kits, Paper, and Batteries. You can browse full of those product on its website.

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