LandAirSea GPS Tracking Key: Vehicle Tracking Made Simple

GPS Tracking Key

Available at with $229 price-tag, this pocket-sized GPS Tracking Key which is one of the best car GPS tracker no monthly fee equipped with strong magnet plate for easy mounting to your car. The device works by benefiting the signals of twenty-four Department of Defense satellites to record its position every second precisely (2.5 m of accuracy), and interestingly it doesn’t charge you for subscription fees. The key logs all driving data including speed, every stop, sound and then saves the data in kmz file format that readable through Google earth, see sample image below or you can download the sample kmz file and open with your Google earth.

GPS Tracking Key

Manufactured by LandAirSea Systems, Inc., the water-resistant GPS Tracking Key powered by 2x AAA batteries or equal to 35 driving hours (maximum) and it doesn’t need external power. Regarding computer interface, the key supports USB. Last but not least, the LAS GPS Tracking Key comes with special software to display car driving animation over a digital street map. For further information, please visit the vehicle tracking website.

Just for your information, I found interesting article regarding unpredicted effect of utilizing the tracking key. It’s reported by that George Ford was charged with murder based on the information taken from the key. And according to the District Attorney, the tracking-key will soon be an essential part of daily life.

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