I-MEGO: The BOCCIA Speakers Kit


The BOCCIA Concept

Our BOCCIA speakers kit is build on a 3 tennis ball sized spherical units: One docking base with 4 connectivity‘sockets (Power, source, left speaker & right speaker) and two speakers.

This kit has been initially created to be linked to a mobile phone in order to listen radio or Mp3 while it recharge your mobile phone’s battery. Easy to carry and Quick to set up, this speaker kit will follow you everywhere and will catch the attention of everyone by their size and design!

Technical facts
The bundle will include all the wires to plug in your mobile phones(Samsung, Nokia & Sony Ericsson) or any audio devices embedded with a 3,5mm jack plug. The power sources can be delivered by the 110/220v adaptor or 4 AAA batteries.

Boccia on off

On / Off & volume (image above).
The large knob on top of the docking is the main interface of the system. Very intuitive and easy to use even for small hands. Turn on and adjust volume.

How to use it ?

The BOCCIA KIT Powered by 4AAA batteries and connected to a Sony Ericsson®W800i:

Boccia Kit

Coiling and storing the cords.The translucent chambers in the lower cups of the modules are used to store cables when they are not in use and or while transporting the system. You simply unplug the speakers and coil the cord up inside the cup -as easy as it gets!


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