1TB HDD: New Samsung SpinPoint F1 Outrank Hitachi & Seagate

Samsung SpinPoint F1

SpinPoint F1 HDD which boasts 1TB capacity released by Samsung Electronics. Two other manufacturer that has already entered the club of 1TB are Hitachi & Seagate. As a new comer, Samsung did a good work because the SpinPoint F1 comes with only 3x platters (334GB each), compare to 4-5 platters of competitors. Fewer the plater mean better performance, that is the formula.

The new SpinPoint F1’s technical specification include S-ATA interface at 3Gbps speed, 7200rpm motors, 16 or 32 MB cache, 8.9ms read seek time and 4.17ms latency. Available in 4 options: 320GB/500GB/750GB/1TB, the pricing still unconfirmed. [via pclaunches]

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