Blu Ray/HD-DVD Player On A Single OMS-BX100/ OMS-BX300

(Image: OMS-BX100; Credit:

Okoro Media System ( successfully integrated both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD player into a single drive, and it is also backward compatible with the obsolete CD/DVD disc formats. They released the efficient and effective drive in two models which allows its customer to choose whichever suitable for their budgets: OMS-BX100 & OMS-BX300. Both models features 2GB of ram, Blu-ray/HD-DVD Combo Drive, and Windows Vista OS.

Some configurations that make the OMS-BX100 differ from the OMS-BX300 is the storage capacity, graphics board, and the analog/ATSC HD tuner. Available now at for $2995.00 and $3595.00 respectively. Just to remind you, LG has the same product if you want to campare. [via pcjoint]

(Image: OMS-BX300; Credit: