Now You Can Enjoy Classic Pac-Man on Modern Xbox 360

What happen to Microsoft so they decided to redevelop classic Pac-Man game exclusively for its Xbox home console. The Pac-Man was created by Japanese Toru Iwatani and it was popular among gamers enthusiast back in the 1980s. And now (more 25 years later) the same person designed the revamped “Championship Edition” that was introduced during Pac-Man World Championship in New York.


Of course gamers will have better experience as the game comes with new soundtrack as well as high-definition graphics. As reported by, Toru Iwatani said, “It gives me great joy to know that my final contributions in my corporate career were to crown the Xbox 360 Pac-Man World Champion and to leave the world with an amazing new ‘Pac-Man’ game for generations to enjoy.” [via]

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